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Get the ultimate social marketing tool for your hotel and boost your brand across the web. Upgrade your hotel site by implementing IMGuest's innovative social arena.

What is IMGuest's hotel widget?

IMGuest's hotel widget helps hotel websites to spread their brand across the web by making it easier for their visitors to share their staying with their social networks. IMGuest's hotel widget is a unique social service to your guests, it's fast, powerful and easy to install as well as free of charge. By implementing the widget, your guests will be able to use a unique social arena which will help them to connect with other business travelers to make their stay more productive and successful.

Viral lift

IMGuest provides the most effective viral social marketing tool available to date for hoteliers worldwide. Inexpensively and easily promote your hotel in all of the popular social media channels, extend brand equity and reach via trusted referrals with reliability. Once your guests check-in, they will automatically notify their friends on facebook and twitter followers on their check-ins to your hotel.

How can i get it?

Go to your hotel page on IMGuest, click the button "Get hotel widget" and follow the instructions.

How does it work?

Once embedding IMGuest's hotel widget button on your hotel's website, your visitors can now virtually check-in with their facebook and twitter account and use IMGuest's social networking arena within your site.

How does it look?

Once your visitors click the IMGuest's hotel widget button on your website, a slick and well designed window will appear within your website showing the hotel name and the guests list that are already checked-in. Once checking-in, your guests will be automatically directed to the hotel page and eventually start looking for other interesting hotel guests, socially interact and setup face to face meetings.


Get IMGuest's hotel widget with all its benefits free of charge through your hotel page on